Thirteen incredible sunrise and sunset locations around the World

Ever wondered where the best sunsets and sunrises were in the world, well look no further! We’ve been hunting them for years and we’ve racked up a pretty little collection. There is obviously still quite a few more to collect, but hopefully these will take you a while to see so we have time to find some more…

1. Ojstrica, Lake Bled, Slovenia: Sunrise 

Ojstrica has to be our number one sunrise location. After a 4:30 start we walked the hour hike from our hotel to get here and it did not disappoint! We were there with a collection of people and it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We would travel back to Slovenia and Lake Bled just to see this again (and for a couple more reasons!)

2. Beitostolen Lake, Norway: Sunrise

The beauty about Norway in winter is the sun never fully rises. We took these photos around 9am and it was still super pink and perfect. Walking around a frozen lake during this twilight time and with no one else around was pure magic. It could even rival the husky sledging we did that weekend…

3. Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka: Sunrise 

Again, up there with one of our favourites! And again, a 4:00am wake up call to get there. We travelled by car from our hotel to Pidurangala Rock in Dambulla and to be honest there were quite a few people there. But after a forty-minute trek, which to be honest wasn’t that easy in the pitch black, we made it to a huge flat rock where there was lots of space for calm and privacy. It had the most beautiful view over the famous Sigiriya Rock, also known as Lion Rock, and is 100% a must do in Sri Lanka. Wait until a lot of people have left after the sunrise, that is when you get the best colours.

4. Srd Hill, Dubrovnik, Croatia: Sunset 

One incredible sunset location and one incredible view over Dubrovnik Old Town. We caught the Cable Car up to the top but you can also grab a taxi. Once you’re at the top leave the building and walk towards the edge where you can see the old own. Stop when you get to the edge obviously! Try and get there a little early it can get busy up there!

5. Cohb, Ireland: Sunrise 

When you’re in the South of Ireland you need to make a little sunrise pitstop to this little beachside town. The view over St. Colman’s Cathedral from a few streets back is magic and something everyone should see. Be quiet though, you don’t want to wake the neighbours.

6. St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest, Hungary: Sunset 

This was a little surprise sunset for us. As we were travelling with friends we hadn’t looked into sunset times as it was all about enjoying the time we had together and not imposing any restrictions. However, when we got to the top of St. Stephens Basilica what was on its merry way down? The sun, you’re right. The best view over Budapest for sunset in our opinion.

7. Tegallalang Rice Fields, Ubud, Bali: Sunrise 

Everyone’s said it but we’ll say it again… this little slice of magic in Bali is made even more magical at sunrise when there’s hardly anyone there, when the sunlight is streaming through the trees and the birds are tweeting. Get there as soon as it opens because it can get busy!

8. Mykonos Windmills, Mykonos, Greece: Sunset 

One magical sunset location. It’s not the quietest location for sunset but the view over Mykonos Old Town with the Windmill to frame is pretty awesome. Grab a bottle of wine and head down with a blanket to enjoy it to the fullest!

9. Petra, Jordan: Sunrise

One of the best places, not necessarily for sunrise itself, but to catch the morning light and the peacefulness before the crowds show up. We were there at 6:30 when the doors opened and we were able to walk the canyon leading to Petra alone. We were able to see the treasury alone – well with the camels – and then start our adventure in peace. Without a doubt the most worthwhile early wake up call we’ve ever made and we’ve done a lot of them!

10. The Monument of Remembrance, Luxembourg: Sunset

There’s not tones to do in this teeny little city, in this teeny little country. However, this is an absolute must see when you’re there! You only need a day to ‘do’ Luxembourg City and a view over the Monument of Remembrance is the perfect place to end it. You can walk up and down and catch it from loads of different angles so it’s quite the event.

11. Dunquin Harbour, Ireland: Sunset 

We didn’t catch this incredible location on the best day. It had been on and off showers all day and the clouds decided to roll in just as we arrived. However, it is a super funky piece of architecture that should be seen anyway and on the right evening… WOW!!!

12. Wahiba Sands, Oman: Sunset

A desert and a camel… is there a better combination? Oh wait, throw in an amazing sunset which you can watch sat on the warm, soft sand. It makes one of the best evenings of your life. Literally because we did it twice! Yep, twice. We don’t know if its the sand but the colours you get from a desert sunset are pretty impressive and it’s something we will now chase for the rest of our lives.

13. On any beach or in any ocean in the world

I don’t feel like there’s anymore to say about this…

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