The Jordan Series: Why Jordan has to be on your Bucket List

Jordan is an incredible country and although, yes, it is surrounded by countries going through some pretty difficult times, it has be on your list of places to visit. While we were there we were warmed by the hospitality of the locals, never felt in anyway threatened or in danger and completely fell in love with the country. Jordan has an abundance of history and culture begging to be seen.

We started in Amman which is the countries cosmopolitan capital and more than likely where you will fly into. It is a vibrant city but still holds much of its Muslim traditional values and ways of life. We started at the Citadel which has beautiful views over the hills of Jordan, every inch covered in white washed houses and a sight to behold. The Citadel houses many ruins, but the two most inspiring are the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace. You can spend hours wandering this archaeological dream and exploring the battered history.

We then strolled down to the markets in down town, watched the locals go about their everyday life, smelt the spice and herbs on offer and watch men heading to evening prayer. In contrast, you also have Rainbow Street which is where the more modern restaurants and bars are to wind down after a long day.

However, now its time for the big event, Petra! Nothing we can say in this post will explain how incredible and awe inspiring Petra is. Like most people, we headed down to walk through the Siq to the Treasury and have a little explore. We were in Petra for two full days 6am to 5pm and we still didn’t see everything! It is a huge BC city, covering a vast landscape with thousands of little caves to explore and over seven different hikes. Everywhere you turn, your eye catches something new and the beauty is, you are not restricted to go anywhere. If you spot a cave or a ledge you want to get to, as long as the path hasn’t weathered away, game set.

Now we love the Colosseum and Christ the Redeemer but Petra is on a whole other level and in our opinion the Wonder of the World. It is embedded with so much history and intelligence. Where you think the stone has just weather it will have actually been a water pipe to bring water to the city or a blood channel for when they sacrificed animals to the gods. Petra is a whole city embedded into the rock and we dare you not to fall in love with it.

While your in Petra don’t forget to take a trip to Little Petra, the settlement created before Petra itself. Little Petra is not as well maintained and much smaller but, if you go in May, the whole place is blooming with beautiful pink flowers which make it magical.

Now after a lot of trekking, a bob in the dead sea is essential. The dead sea in Jordan boarders with Israel and it is the lowest point on Earth. It is a stunning aqua blue and there are dazzling salt crystals creeping up the shorelines. Although its pretty salty, so you cant spend forever in there, rubbing yourself up with some mud and then letting it soak off in the sea with the minerals working their magic on your skin is a great way to spend an hour. You need to be quick though, its rumoured that the water levels are dropping year on year and in our lifetime it could dry up.

No trip to the dead sea would be complete without a trip to the Mujib. You can spend a morning walking up a waterfall. Yes you read that correctly, walking UP a waterfall. Now its not a big waterfall but at the same time, it is not for the faint hearted. It is a physical challenge and one we took a little too lightly. However, once you hit the end (when you get to the really big waterfall and can’t go any further) you get to slide back down all the waterfalls you have conquered and let the stream drift you back out.

Jordan was on our bucket list for years and it is in our top three destinations to date. We had high expectations and it exceeded them one by one. It is a beautiful destination and a country we will go back to.

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