Launched in July 2017 ‘Sister Sister Travels’ is a travel blog aimed at providing readers with interesting, informative and light-hearted content, including reviews, guides and first-hand experiences.

Created on the back of a Wahaca napkin by sisters, Natalie & Camilla, who have a passion for travel and adventure. Born and raised in London they had the love of travel installed by their parents.

Having relied on travel blogs to plan trips they decided to start their own. Sharing adventures from across the globe, including Asia, Africa and Europe.

From walking tours in Italy, followed by traditional food and a glass of wine, to trekking the Mujib in Jordan, they love to explore and sample the local cuisine.


Natalie is the older sister and therefore the planner. She rarely organises a trip with out an in-depth plan and itinerary. Coincidentally, Natalie is a primary school teacher by day, trying to install the love of travel in her students. She has a keen eye for photography and makes Camilla do all she can to get that perfect shot.

Favourite travel destination? Petra, Jordan.


Camilla is the younger sister and very much goes with the flow, often doing whatever her sister says to get that perfect shot. From skydiving in Australia, abseiling in Mallorca and surfing in Bali, she’s up for an adventure and new challenge. Working in PR Camilla loves to write and create content, as well as long lunch meetings.

Favourite travel destination? Jaisalmer, India