10 Questions: Our Travel Experiences So Far

We thought we would get down and personal by letting you know a little bit more about our travels, and answer the ten top questions people regularly ask…

What’s been our biggest adventure so far?

We know you’re more than aware we love India and that is because it was the biggest adventure we’ve had so far. It’s a million miles away from London and we completely loved that! We suppose in terms of crazy big cities Delhi was similar, but that’s as far as it goes. The people are incredible, the food is delicious, the old architecture is beautiful and the vibe is something you’ve never felt before.


Which is our favourite country?

India… but we’re guessing you’re sick of that?! Close second is definitely Italy, we love the food, the people and the sights. It’s one place we will never get bored of visiting and have so much more to see. And a close third is Oman, but if you follow us on Instagram you’re probably sick of that too…


Why do we love to travel?

We love to travel for so many reasons, but we suppose the biggest reason is because every experience is different – everything little detail is different. Therefore, the impact of those few days or weeks, gives you even just a slightly new way to look at the world and consequently your life. It completely opens your eyes to something new and unknown. You learn so much more and have once in a lifetime experiences.


Best place for a lazy day on the beach?

This would be a close contest between The Gili Islands and Zanzibar. Both have beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets, you can relax, sit back and watch the world go by (or take a nap!)


What’s the biggest mistake we’ve made travelling?

If we’re honest we’ve made a fair few mistakes while travelling… but who hasn’t?!

We’ve eaten the wrong thing, nearly missing a flight because we were distracted in a bar, even forgotten to get travel insurance and then fallen down an entire flight of stairs!

Our biggest mistake so far probably took place in Byron Bay, Australia. We were all up for winging it – arriving somewhere, seeing who you met and then finding somewhere to lay your head. Turns out this isn’t the best idea in Byron Bay, especially over the biggest surf fest weekend they hold. There were no rooms, literally anywhere, it was a full on no room at the inn type situation.

So, the only option we had was to either leave, sleep on the beach or hire a car and constantly move throughout the night. Butttt, as it’s an awesome town and we didn’t fancy having sand in our bag for the rest of the trip, we weren’t leaving –  so the car it was. Not the best night sleep we’ve ever had, yet silver-lining we now pre-plan a little bit better!


What’s our favourite travelling tunes?

We can’t help but listening to a little bit of old school RnB from the late 90’s early 00’s. Throw on a little bit of Usher Confessions or No Diggity and we will be wiggling down that beach.


What’s the best book we’ve read while travelling?

Well, if you didn’t read Shantaram when you were in India did you even go?! And if you didn’t read Marching Powder when you were in South America we’re guessing you didn’t go either…

These are two of our firm favourites, but also the Kite Runner, or basically anything by Khaled Hosseini.


What’s our top travel tip?

Whatever happens, embrace it and enjoy it. Not everything will really go to plan, it might rain, that tourist spot might be crowded or your flight might be delayed, but just make the most of it anyway.

There’s the time old quote ‘it’s the journey not the destination’ and we believe there is so much truth in that.


What’s our favourite travel memory?

 We have so many, its insanely hard to pick just one, however, scraping number one has to be being invited to our hotel host sons birthday in India. As we said one the of the best things about travelling is immersing yourself into another culture and this is our most authentic experience of this. Sitting, laughing and parting with the locals at such a happy occasion was beautiful. They shared their home cooked food and home brewed drinks with us and completely engulfed us making us feel like part of the family. What could be better?


What’s the strangest thing that we’ve eaten?

We’re all up for trying new foods when we’re travelling, well… Natalie maybe more than Camilla.

We’ve eaten the insets on Khao San Road in Thailand, pretty much every odd piece of meat we could find in Australia and tried Stingray on a food tour in Kuala Lumpur. But, our biggest food battle has to be when we were teaching in Uganda, Africa.

We were there for just under two months and, to be honest, it wasn’t strange food – no bushtucker trial crocodiles eye ball! However, Matoke, a plantain banana pealed and boiled, was pretty out of our comfort zone!


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