Cosy British Pubs: The Tommyfield


Throughout the winter months we love spending our evenings in classic British pubs with a warm, hearty meal and glass of Malbec. You may have recently seen our roundup of the best Cosy British Pubs in West London, listing a few firm favourites, as well as some new discoveries. Yet, if you’re visiting London, then why only dine at these British pubs? Why not stay at pubs that can offer you an amazing meal, as well as a cosy room?

This is when we started discussing the idea with the Three Cheers Pub Co., owners of one of our favourite West London pubs and a regular haunt for us, The Princess Victoria. They own many pubs across the capital, all with the same ‘good old British pub’ vibe. Yet, one undiscovered treasure is The Tommyfield in Kennington, South London.

We have to admit we hadn’t heard of it beforehand, but Three Cheers Pub invited us to spend the night, and we couldn’t turn down the chance to discover a new British pub! Therefore, after work on a Friday night we jumped on the Northern Line to Kennington Station, only a six-minute walk from The Tommyfield.

Once we’d arrived we were shown to our room, a mixture of the old and the new, with white brick walls and a pop art painting on one side, with traditional wallpaper on the other. It was cosy and perfect for a nights stay in the capital. Plus, the bathroom was brilliant… does anyone else get excited about a good bathroom?! The double sink and mirror meant we didn’t have to squabble when doing our makeup.


Next, it was time to head to dinner. We couldn’t wait to get stuck to a good hearty meal and as The Tommyfield is famous for it’s old school pie and mash we knew it was going to be good. Plus, staying in the pub meant it was less than a minute from our room to the table… and if you know us this is an absolute dream. It also makes the journey home a little easier after a few glasses of wine…

The pub has classic British pub decor with a friendly and relaxed vibe. The perfect place to unwind and cosy down with a glass of Malbec after work. We spokes to a few of  the locals who raved about the pub. Which made us think that The Tommyfield was Kennington’s best kept secret!

The menu is full of food locally sourced from the British Isle, put together in heartwarming dishes. Exactly what you want in the cold winter months! First, we started off with a dreamy Baked Camembert with Sourdough Toast and a Mezze with Olives, Falafel, Hummus and Baba Ghanoush.

Then, it was onto the main attraction, and you can’t come to The Tommyfield and not have a pie… we’re very sorry, but it’s just not allowed. Therefore, Natalie opted for the classic Steak and Ale Pie while I went for the creamy Chicken and Leek. Both were delicious with golden pastry, hearty fillings and topped off with rich gravy. Plus, we have to say the pies were as big as our heads! Meaning we definitely weren’t going hungry.



Then, of course being us, we couldn’t say no to dessert, especially when we saw Banoffee Pie on the menu. The waiter even told us it had been freshly made that morning. The fresh cream, sweet toffee and bananas made it one of the best Banoffee Pies we’ve had! The perfect way to round off an amazing meal.

After the food settled and the red wine had warmed our stomachs it was time to head to bed. Luckily for us we didn’t have far to go. We were able to snuggle down into our king-sized bed in no time.


The next morning we were up bright and early, made ourselves some tea in the room and jumped back in bed to relax and plan our a day exploring the city. The Tommyfield is in the perfect location if you’re visiting The Oval to watch the cricket. Plus, if you want to explore the centre then it is only a 15-minute walk from the River Thames and 20-minutes to Big Ben and Westminster.

However, before heading out to explore you’ll need to stock up on a good old pub breakfast, and that is exactly what we did. Natalie went for Smashed Avocado on Sourdough, of course with two extra sausages on the side. While I chose the classic creamy Eggs Benedict. The perfect way to kick start a Saturday morning.


Therefore, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in London and fancy a relaxed vibe, good old British food and a great location, we can highly recommend The Tommyfield, a Three Cheers Pub, in Kennington.

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