Four day sailing trip in Mallorca

Two weeks ago we got back from a trip of a lifetime with IN Adventures. With two boats, 16 influencers and four crew we spent four days sailing around the stunning shores and crystal blue seas of Mallorca.

Stopping off at different points along the way, such as Es Trenc and Cala Marmols, we were able to see so much more of this stunning island compared to if we’d only taken a trip to Palma. In addition, we were able to see a different side to Mallorca compared to our classic British holidays in Cala d’Or or Puerto Pollensa as children.

Mallorca is a beautiful island that can sometimes be lost amongst the big hotels and kids clubs. Therefore, we were so happy when Pau, IN Adventures founder, invited us to join his trip to show us the real side of Mallorca.

Now, we have to admit we’ve never been on a sailing holiday before, the most time we’ve spent on a boat was one night and two days in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam – even then it wasn’t a sailing boat. Therefore, we knew we would have to quickly gain our sea legs and fully embrace ‘boat life’, and we have to admit it wasn’t very hard with IN Adventures by our side!

Day 1

We arrived in Palma in the late morning and took a taxi to The Boat House where our fellow sailer, Judith from Travel Monster, had arranged a lunch with everyone joining the trip. We spent our lunch drinking Aperol Spritz on the roof terrace before moving down to the restaurant to eat our body weight in tapas including hummus, calamari and croquettes – not a bad way to start a trip eh?!

The Boat House is the perfect place to grab some lunch before the trip as it’s only a 20-minute walk along the harbour to La Lonja Marina Charter where we met Pau and the rest of the crew and our boats skipper Hugo.

At La Lonja Marina Charter Pau welcomed us with a huge smile and hug before taking us to the boats. This was when it was time to master our first ‘boat life’ challenge and walk along the plank from land to the boat, something which Natalie picked up like a pro, but seeing as I have the balance of a toddler learning to walk combined with a fear of falling/embarrassing myself, it was a little bit harder to master.

To give myself confidence I asked Pau whether anyone had fallen off before expecting him to say no, but instead he simply said, “all the time, especially when they’ve had a glass of wine”.  Although I wasn’t filled with confidence I knew we would get along with the mention of wine!

After we had successfully made it aboard we were shown our rooms. Now, we have to admit that the rooms on the boat are pretty cosy, so if you don’t know your roommate beforehand you’ll get to know them pretty quickly. However, the beds are comfy and it’s a great place to rest your head while being rocked to sleep by the waves, we literally felt like babies in cots – dreamy!

Once we had unpacked, listened to the safety briefing, changed into a bikini and whacked on the factor 50+ it was time to set sail! We have to admit we felt like excited little kids as the boats pulled away from the marina and into the open water – a feeling we’ve never experienced before and hope to experience again!


Our first stop was Es Trenc, around a two/three-hour sail from La Lonja Marina Charter. It was the perfect time to catch some rays, take in the amazing views and get to know our fellow travellers/soon-to-be new food-loving besties!

When we arrived at Es Trenc it was time to take part in our first activity just in time for sunset! We had to option of whether we would like to paddle board or kayak, Natalie and I decided it would be best to kayak due to my previously mentioned lack of balance. The setting was absolutely stunning, kayaking along the sea, watching the sunset in the background and occasionally hitting another kayak due to not looking where we were going.

Have you ever watched the sunset from a kayak in the middle of the sea? Well, we have and it was absolutely bloody beautiful – thanks IN Adventures!

Next, it was back on board for a quick shower before dinner and wine tasting – right up our street! We were served three amazing fresh and organic dishes made by Javi from UMAMI Mallorca, served with white or red wine. Now, with normal wine tasting you’re only served a sip or two to taste, but not with Pau and Hugo serving! We had full glasses to really get a feel for the wine and how it complimented the food.

Plus, Pau had a wine connoisseur on board who was able to tell us about the history of the wines and all the different elements to them. It was a lovely way to spend our first night with IN Adventures. But, of course, anything with wine or food is good with us!

Day 2

On our second day we were up bright and early for some fresh fruit before yoga on deck with fellow sailor and yoga teacher Dav Jones. Now, we’ve both done yoga in some pretty incredible places, including the steps of the Sydney Opera house, however nothing quite compares to doing yoga on a boat in the middle of the sea with the sun shining down on you! Yet saying that, it is a lot more difficult to keep your balance in the chair pose when the boats are rocking in the waves – we both nearly fell overboard multiple times.

Luckily, Dav is an amazing teacher with the patience of a saint, making his classes easy and enjoyable for both yoga newbies and long time pros! We’d like to think we fall somewhere in the middle of those two categories…

Next, it was time for breakfast. Javi had whipped up some delicious natural yogurt with berries and seeds, followed by avocado and tomato or prosciutto and tomato on toast. All finished off with some fresh fruit and orange juice – it was literally the breakfast of dreams!


After a quick swim in the fresh morning sea it was time to sail to our next destination; Cabrera National Park. It took around two hours to arrive at the national park, during which we caught some rays and relaxed on deck. Half way through we got the dreamy announcement that some snacks were due to be delivered from the other boat. It was just a simple task of passing them from one boat to the other – what could go wrong? Quickly forming a plan of attack we worked as a team to safely transfer the snacks from one boat to the other without any casualties.

Once we had arrived at Cabrera National Park it was time to put on some clothes and hike to Castillo de Cabrera on the top of the hill. The walk to the castle takes around 20-minutes and trust us you see some incredible views and beautiful scenery on the way. However, the most stunning view has to be from the Castle, you can see for miles in every direction and see the bay with all the boats below.

After we had taken in the beautiful views, explored the Castle and taken some snaps, it was time to head back to the boat for lunch and the biggest Paella we’ve ever seen! Javi really outdid himself on this one! It was absolutely delicious with fresh langoustines and mussels – what more could you ask for?

Next, a quick dip in the sea before sailing to our home for the evening; Cala Marmols. Cala Marmols is a beautiful natural bay with room for only three-four boats meaning it’s extremely peaceful and quiet. We arrived just in time to see the beautiful sunset over the beach and rocky hills – second to Nungwi in Zanzibar we think it might have been the pinkest sunset we’ve ever seen!

For dinner that evening we were severed a delicious trio of cold cucumber soup, followed by pan-seared fish with a creamy carrot and coconut milk sauce and finished off with the aptly name Death By Chocolate – it was so good that when Javi asked who wanted seconds everyone’s hand flew up! Plus, luckily for Natalie & I fellow sailer Ytzi from Flamingo Around gave her seconds to us.

Therefore, after dinner and two and a half Death By Chocolates’ each we decided it was time to hit the hay and let our food settle before morning yoga!


Day 3

On our third day with IN Adventures Dav Jones held another amazing yoga class, yet this time we moved to the beach. Cala Marmols bay was even more beautiful in the early morning light and we felt so lucky to be able to take part in yoga on the beach.

After we’d mastered the Natarajasana pose, had sand in our hair and had fully relaxed our bodies it was time to explore this beautiful part of Mallorca. We walked to the top of the hill taking in the stunning scenery and paddled in the sea – avoiding the jellyfish!

Next, it was back to the boat for yet another dreamy breakfast. This time with smoked salmon and cream cheese or cottage cheese and berries on toast, followed by fresh fruit and yogurts with berries and seeds. Afterwards we had to option to go cliff jumping, however we opted to change into our bikinis and observe from the deck. Although, after seeing some of the others jumping off into the refreshing water we thought we may have made the wrong decision…

Once everyone was back on board it was time to sail to our next destination; Cala Varques. We were dropped off on the small local beach from which we walked up and over the coast line, along the cliffs and towards the location where we would be exploring the caves. However, when we arrived we stopped at the top of a very big cliff, leaving everyone wondering how we would be reaching the caves. Pau had previously warned us that there would be a surprise for ‘brave people’ and SURPRISE, one way down was abseiling!

After looking over the steep cliff into the sea Natalie decided that abseiling wasn’t for her, so she decided to walk down to the beach with a few others and hop on the boat to watch the rest of us scale the cliff face – what could go wrong?

The rest of us put on our wetsuits and harnesses while giving each other pep talks along the lines of “you can do it” and “if you fall you fall into the sea” – really, really encouraging.

We stepped up to the edge one by one looking down asking ourselves if we’d made the right decision, then it was time for Leo from TravelLeo94 to go first. Half way down Leo announced that the wall had stopped, the rest of us were pretty confused until it came to our turns when we realised the wall did simply disappeared, meaning half way though you’re hanging in the air slowly lowering yourself down by one rope. Then, when you get to the bottom you drop into the sea.

Now, after that description it may seem like I didn’t enjoy myself, however it was amazing. The simple adrenaline rush you get from hanging of the side of a cliff is incredible, plus the views up there after stunning. Yet, the best thing about it was looking back up the cliff afterwards and thinking I just abseiled down that thing!

Next, we were reunited with our fellow sailors on the boat and headed for the caves… just one small thing (literally)… To enter the caves you have to crawl through a tiny gap between the rocks and the sand, however once you do it opens up into an incredible cave, with stunning rock formations, high ceilings and salt water pools. We literally felt like we’d walked into Aladdin’s cave – minus the treasure of course.

We spent around an hour exploring the cave, swimming/floating in the pools and jumping into the water – not as high as the cliff we’d just abseiled down but still high enough for my legs to wobble. It was truly incredible and something we’d never seen before. Plus, our group was the only people in the cave making it even more exciting!

After our adventurous afternoon it was time to set sail again to Porto Cristo where we would be spending the night. It took around an hour or two to reach Porto Cristo from Cala Varques – the perfect amount of time to squeeze in a snack (the biggest pot of hummus and bag of crisps we’ve ever seen), glass of wine and quick nap.

Once we’d awoken we had reached Porto Cristo and dinner was well one the way. Tonight’s dinner was tapas style – meaning everyone congregated on one boat to tuck into Javi’s amazing food!

Day 4

We spent our last morning with IN Adventures taking part in another yoga class with Dav Jones while overlooking the port. Of course, by now we were absolute pros… although we couldn’t master the headstand…

Afterwards, we had another dream breakfast of avocado and tomato on toast with by fresh fruit and yogurt. Followed by just enough time to relax on deck before packing our bags and sadly saying goodbye to IN Adventures.

Pau had arranged transport to take us to Palma where we joined our fellow sailors for one last meal at mymuybueno Deli – the food here was delicious, continuing IN Adventures’ ethos of fresh and organic meals. We opted for the lunch bowl and Green smoothie! Next, we headed to Catedral de Mallorca, a stunning building with an incredibly detailed facade, before heading to the airport.

DSC_0555 copy

From the delicious and organic food, breath-taking views, brilliant activities and relaxing morning yoga, we absolutely loved our trip with IN Adventures! Fancy getting in on the action yourself? Use our code “SISTERSISTERTRAVEL” to receive 5% off your trip.

Spots are filling up fast but there are few still available for September. Plus, you can reserve your spot for 72h with no commitment if you still need time to think about it – although we really don’t know what’s stopping you.


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