Five Foodie Must Do’s in Vienna

Vienna is the perfect city for all you foodie travellers out there. Love afternoon tea? Visit Vienna. Love Schnitzel? Visit Vienna. Love Goulash? VISIT VIENNA!

We have to admit when we went to Vienna in October half-term we pretty much ate our way around the city – meaning we came back a stone heavier after only four days! But we have no regrets and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Now, Vienna is full of amazing restaurants and cafes which serve all the delicious Austrian delicacies you’ll want to try on your trip. However, without sounding boastful, we believe we hit the nail on the head with our food choices and didn’t have a disappointing meal while there (don’t you hate those?!).

So, if like us you love your food then you need to visit these Five Foodie (and drinkie) Must Do’s in Vienna. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Café Central

After spending the morning exploring the chilly streets of Vienna all we wanted was to warm up with some tea and cake, and where better to do this than Café Central. Café Central is located just round the corner from the Spanish Riding School and is absolutely stunning inside – think of it being Vienna’s answer to Budapest’s New York Cafe.

It serves all the traditional Austrian dishes from Schnitzel to Boiled Beef, however there was only one reason we went and that was for the desserts! The range of desserts is endless, whether you prefer chocolate or fruit they’ll have something for you.

On our first visit (yes, we went more than once) we went a little overboard with ordering. We opted for a classic Apple Strudel with ice cream and two chocolate based sweet treats, which were all amazing!

If you have a sweet tooth and love an afternoon tea then look no further than Café Central. You may have to wait a little while for a table but we promise it’s worth it!


Zur Esiernen Ziet

Another classic dish you need to sample when in Vienna is Goulash, the perfect dish it warm you up after a day of exploring. Plus, bread dumplings… needs we say more?

Zur Esiernen Ziet is the oldest inn on the Naschmarkt and serves traditional dishes in a small restaurant with no more than fifteen tables. When we found the reviews online many people said it was the best Goulash in Vienna and it didn’t disappoint! The Goulash had a home-cooked and hearty feel. We absolutely loved it and could have had a second serving. Plus the staff, so welcoming!

Instead we opted for a dessert of Apple Strudel and Apricot Jam Pancakes. If we’re honest the desserts were nothing to write home about so we’d recommend sticking to a serving (or two) or the delicious and heart warming Goulash!



Did you even go to Vienna if you didn’t eat Schnitzel?! Furthermore, did you even go to Vienna if you didn’t eat Schnitzel at Figlmueller?!

Figlmueller, known as ‘The Home of Schnitzel’, was founded more than 100 years ago and is well-known in Vienna. Now, we have to admit we ate a lot of Schnitzel in Vienna, from chicken, pork and the classic veal we had them all. Yet Figlmueller was hands down the best and biggest we had – literally bigger than our heads!

When we arrived we didn’t even look at the menu, we already knew we would order the Veal Schnitzel with a side of potato salad. The waiter even told us that they have around 40 dishes however their customers usually only need one! It was a delicious meal served in a traditional restaurant with lovely staff – what more could you ask for?!

Top Tip: Make sure to pre-book a table at Figlmueller as it gets very busy and they can’t guarantee a table without a reservation.


Café Sacher Wien

Sachertorte is an Austrian classic and a must when visiting Vienna. This delicious chocolate cake with layers of apricot jam is the perfect sweet treat, and where better to try it then at Café Sacher Wien?! Where they sell the ‘Original Sachertorte’.

Café Sacher Wien is in the heart of Vienna, part of Hotel Sacher and located opposite the Royal Opera House. Similar to Café Central it is the perfect place to stop off for lunch or an afternoon treat. The interior is beautiful and we suggest having a nosey around the hotel while you’re there as well!

Similar to Figlmueller we didn’t even have to look at the menu (not many people do) as all the wanted was some mouthwatering Sachertorte and tea. You may have to wait a little bit for a table but again it is definitely worth it!


Loos American Bar

Thirsty? Well theres on only place… and we hung out there a lot and we mean a lot! Its one of the tiniest little bars we’ve ever been in but has the most amazing 1920’s American feel. Is’s only got around six tables so you’ll need to get there early – but who ever said daytime drinking was a bad thing? The vibe is great and the cocktails… well lets just say London is full of great cocktail bars but this is one of the best we’ve ever been too.

Vienna isn’t a huge one for the drinking scene and to be fair who needs its with all the amazing architecture and galleries… but if your like us then after a hard/ amazing day of sight seeing you’re going to want a little tipple and this is the place!


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