The Jordan Series: The Dead Sea

We had been running up and down Jordan with regular 5am wake up calls for one reason or another and we needed some good old TLC. Where better to get that? The lowest sea on earth, the Dead Sea. We had heard of it mystical bobbing charms but it truly was an amazingly odd experience.

It is a struggle to stay in a ‘town’ around the dead sea, so you are pigeon holed into staying at a large American jobbie, but we were pleasantly surprised. We stayed at the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa which, perfectly had its own beach on the dead sea with complimentary beach sandals, scrubbing mud and towels… what more do you need?

The setting is stunning, the sea is one of the deepest turquoise blues we have ever seen and the orange sandstone cliff reflecting into it are beautiful. The water leaves little salt crystals on the shore line which gleam and sparkle in the sun light and it is peaceful quiet.



Now its an amazing experience but a little less glamorous than we first thought. First of all you need to get in, not the easiest task combining the pebble floor and the super salt water which wants you to push you to the surface. Once you in great, but how do you move!? With careful strategics, you can only float on your back, on your belly would give you a face full of sea water and with small movement because a single drop of this stuff in your eye is excruciating — trust me.


So, your in, on your back, making small hand movement, floating and loving life, but now you have to get out to rub on the mud… again the pebble combined with the buoyancy of the water is a logistical nightmare especially with the sharp gradient of the shore. Its going to be no Hallie Berry moment in James Bond.


Time to rub the mud on. Now here is a problem as old as the chicken and the egg, do you put the mud on your face. Now you’ve been bobbing around the sea, sun-cream none-existent anymore, probably should put the mud on your face, but then how are you going to get the mud off without getting the water in your eyes and dying of pain?! Well this is a problem we only released after applying a thick layer of mud to the face…

Top Tip: do not under any circumstance put the mud on your face — third degree sunburn will be less painful than Dead Sea salt water in your eyes.

Even though your eyes will be a scorching shade of red; and you will have looked like a baby deer walking on jelly getting in and out; and you nether regions may be stinging a bit; you skin will feel amazing and will be alright in the world again.


And just to remind you, do not under any circumstance put the mud on your face!!!!

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