The Jordan Series: Four Top Tips when Trekking the Mujib

Now we loved the dead sea, its stunning, hot and relaxing but if your anything like us — sunbathing’s great and all… but do you want to go and climb up a waterfall!?

P.S. we apologise for the awful photography in advance… its far from ideal but hey we trekking up and down a waterfall so what you gonna do!?

The Siq Trek through the Mujib was an intense experience, its a trek up the Siq, battling waterfalls (and we truly mean battling when we say battling), rock climbing, swimming against strong currents, but then a sliver lining at the end… getting to slide all the way back down!

So this post is just going to be top tip after top tip as there was very little information about this amazing adventure out there!


Top Tip (1) — Get there when it opens! Its amazing to be alone trekking up the Siq with the light just starting to creep in. Also we were the only people there and it took us some time (a lot… and add a bit more) to get to the end due to the level of difficulty, but we can imagine it gets super-duper clogged up at points and bobbing around in the chilly water, waiting to take your turn wouldn’t be an ideal situation.


Top Tip (2) — Get the waterproof bag. We were too-ing and frow-ing about whether to get it, it was a God-send. You are literally swimming in deep water with a waterfall coming down on top of you, not something Tesco’s bag for life is going to cover! It costs but it that or your phone and camera are going to have to spend a good couple of days in a box of rice.


Top Tip (3) — If you get offered help by one of the guides, take it, don’t be proud. As we were there early we were doing the trek as the guides were walk to their positions as well. It not easy, the level of upper body strength required is huge and we accepted countless pieces of advice, pull-ups, knee-ups and general heaving from these supermen. They also know about all the hidden gem and showed us how to walk behind the waterfall to then slide back down! They do all of this not expecting a tip and they couldn’t accept one anyway as it would be as soggy as anything by the end of the day — but you can always leave something at reception — nothing huge just a little something for saving your life an all.


Top Tip (4) — Get your taxi to wait, its slightly/ very much so in the back end of no where and it would be a nightmare trying to flag one down afterwards… while you’re dripping wet… looking like you’ve just escaped the Titanic… so don’t let that driver go!


But, yea it’s amazing!

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