Five Different Things to do in Barcelona

Last month we spent five fun filled days in Barcelona and found five different things to do if you’ve finished all the top tourist spots in Barcelona, or if like us, this wasn’t your first time and you wanted to mix it up a little bit!

1. The Kissing Wall

The Kissing Wall is an art installation in the Gothic Quarter down a little passage. It is a photo mosaic created by the people of Barcelona to commemorate the Siege of Barcelona in 1714 which ended The War or Spanish Succession. The people of Barcelona have contributed photos which show ‘moments of freedom’ and it is a mesmerising piece of art work which you can explore forever.

The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer”, Oliver Wendall Holmes.


2. Drinks at H10

So, yes, the W Hotel in Barcelona does have a lovely view of the beach, but it also has a lovely view of the financial district and the shipping lanes… How would you like to have a drink at a roof top bar in the middle of the Gothic Quarter with views of La Catedral, La Sagrada Familia and downtown Barcelona? Interested? Good!

H10 is a hotel situated on the edge of the Gothic Quarter and it is free for tourists to visit and have a drink. It’s not a high as the W or as fancy pants inside but then also not as expensive and you can sit outside on the deck with the sun on your face (it also has a plunge pool, wink wink!!). The views of La Catedral, are stunning as are the rest of the 180 degrees. This trumped our trip to the W in a big way and we would highly recommend an early evening beverage here!


3. Sagrat Cor

Sagrat Cor has one of the best views over Barcelona hands down, toes down, head down. It is only a 20 minute bus journey out of town and takes you to a different Barcelona (you catch the T2A from Placa de Catalunya).

Sagrat Cor is the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and located on the peak of Mount Tibidabo. You can walk to the top or you can get a lift and you have a 360 degree view stretching from the beach to the hills behind Barcelona. Sagrat Cor also has a mini Christ the Redeemer right on the tip, so if you haven’t quite made it to Rio yet this might satisfy the cravings slightly.

Also located at the top of Mount Tibidabo is a small amusement park, so if you fancy grabbing an ice cream and jumping on the Ferris Wheel you can enjoy this view being a 12 year old again.

4. Japanese Food

Our hotel was located north of the Ramblas by about a 10 minute walk and when you walk this far you luckily fall into the Japanese district which has some amazing Japanese food. If you’re full to the brim of Tapas and Paella then we would highly recommend venturing this way and stopping off for a nibble of sushi or tempura.


Top Tip: Restaurant Japonès Toyo has an all you can eat sushi train for ONLY 10 EUROS!! So if you like us and love a little bit of Yo Sushi but only limit yourself to a couple of plates because you don’t want to take out another mortgage, this is the place for you. There will be a queue, it might be around 10/15mins but it is worth the wait. We have to admit we ventured here twice for lunch because the food is insane and SO reasonable!

5. The Olympic Swimming Pool

Now, last but not least is the Olympic Swimming Pool. Why would you want to go to an old Olympic Swimming Pool from 1992 (before Camilla was even born!)? Why wouldn’t you? It is located at the top of a hill which you can get a cable car to the top off to save those precious legs of yours and the views are amazing. What’s even better is that if you go in August you are able to swim in the pool and appreciate the views while bobbing around!

Hopefully, if you are looking for something to do off the beaten track, this has sparked some ideas for you! Barcelona is such a vibrant city and there is so much to do other than the Gaudi Park and eat Tapas (although those two things are must do’s when in this pulsating city).


2 thoughts on “Five Different Things to do in Barcelona

  1. mscoleman

    Thank you so much for the recommendations! Do you happen to remember which of the H10 hotels you went to? There are several around the Gothic Quarter, would love to know which one you went to!


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