9 Reasons Your Sister Makes The Best Travel Partner

Having both travelled with friends and solo we can hands down say we make each other’s best travel buddy.

From battling snow storms in Stockholm, drinking gallons of wine in Florence and facing crowded markets in India we’ve never wished we were there with anyone else.

So if you’ve got itchy feet here’s 9 reasons why you should drag your sister with you.

1. You’ve lived together

Travelling together often means spending pretty much 24/7 with your travel buddy, leaving plenty of time for them to surprise you with annoying habits you’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing before.

However, when travelling with your sister, you’ve grown up loving them despite their irritating quirks. Whether she snores like a trooper or finds the love of her life in every bar, it makes her who she is and you’ve dealt with it since day dot.



2. You’ll protect each other

Travelling can often put you in some sticky situations, but when travelling with your sister it’s like having your own personal body guard.

You’re probably the most precious people to one another, therefore if it’s knocking down an overexcited guy at the beach bar or throwing malaria tablets down her throat, you’ll always have her back against the world.


3. You already share a wardrobe

Sisters stealing each other’s clothes is a tale as old as time and travelling is no different. The benefits of your sisters wardrobe is that you already know it inside out, you know what fits you and what looks better on you than her. So basically you have double the baggage.

You can also split the essentials such as hairdryers, sun cream and a good old selfie stick.


4. You’ll always have a designated photographer

What would travelling be without the candid photos of you looking out into the distance or admiring the scenery.

Travelling with your sister means that rather than asking a random stranger to take a photo of you ‘not looking’, she will take photos of you without even having to ask. In addition, she will have the patience of a saint when trying to capture the perfect jumping photo.


5. You can chill out

Even though the greatest part of travelling is going out and exploring every inch there are some nights when you need a break from the night markets and five shot buckets to R.E.L.A.X.

Travelling with your sister means you can lie in bed and find out what’s going to happen to Christian Grey and Anna after his helicopter goes missing in the mountains or just scroll for hours finding your next adventure destination without speaking — and no awkward silences.


6. Money is no boundary

You’ve probably been sharing money forever, pooling your pocket money to buy the latest Beanie Baby or personal favourite, scuba Barbie. So why should travelling be any different?

There will always be a more financially responsible sister (very clear in our case) and they can be the money holder, so not only will you not have to miss out on that day trip to Maya Bay but your money will go further.


7. You can push each other’s boundaries

Sisters are very good a twisting each other’s arms and making the other do things they’re hesitant about, however, later they will agree that’s one of the best things they’ve ever done.

Whether it’s trying a local cuisine or jumping of that rock, they will push you to try new things and not miss out on anything. Making travelling the best time of your life.


8. The laughter will be endless

When your sitting out a tropical storm in a beach hut a good giggle wouldn’t go a miss and who is better than your sister to be your comical sidekick?

You’ve grown up listening to the same shockingly bad dad jokes and you’ve probably developed your own awful in jokes along the way. So instead of trying to make some topical, witty comment to impress your fellow traveller you can just cry with laughter about the time you granny rolled down the hill at a wedding or the time one of you slipped and fell in front of a boy you were trying to impress with your hip wiggle.


9. You can be brutally honest

One of the worst things to do while travelling is bottling something up and then explode like Vesuvius over the restaurant for not having the right type of saag aloo. However, with your sister there doesn’t need to be a filter.

If she’s being a pain in the a** about something you can tell her straight and then you’ll be back to laughing and joking in moments. No lost travel joy sweating over the small stuff.

In a nutshell we can guarantee there is no better travel buddy than your sister. So steal her card and book the flights, grab her passport from your dads sock draw, pack your bags and head to the airport.


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