The India Series: Seven Must Do’s in Delhi

Delhi is a vibrant, manic, history filled city and we don’t feel like we nearly spent enough time there to fully soak up everything it had to offer. However, in the short amount of time we did have, we did cover quiteeeee a lot of ground. Here are seven things that you must do and see while in the capital otherwise you just can’t leave.

1. The Red Fort

The Red Fort was the first fort that we came across when we were in India and by god did we love it. We spent hours running around exploring all the different buildings inside the huge fortress walls, taking in all the detail carved into every nook and cranny and the ceilings, oh the ceilings! Magical! We have to say that once we had done the forts in Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and the rest, we were a little forted out. But as forts go, this was a highlight in Delhi.


2. Connaught Place


A lot of the must sees in Delhi are historic, however, if you would like to bring yourself back to the 21st century then head to Connaught Place. This is where you will find the more modern Delhi and Delhiites. Shops and restaurants cover the circle streets and we heard from a friend of a friend of a friend you can even find beef. You could spend hours wandering around here gazing at the stools and shops and because you are literally walking round in circles it not hard to lose track of time or location.

3. Humayun’s Tomb

This was the last thing which we saw on our day trip around Delhi and we might have not really, even nearly left enough time to see it properly. We were sprinting around like crazy ladies to see everything before it shut for the evening. The building is deep red with ornate decoration and the gardens surrounding are lush. It has a baby Taj Mahal feeling which we weren’t expecting, so admittedly we made a bit of a boo boo here. We would recommend making it one of your first stops of the day so you have enough time to fully explore and not be sweating buckets in your selfies.


4. India Gate

You might have seen Marble Arch and you might have seen the Arc de Triomphe, but you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen the India Gate. Bigger is better. Although a lot younger than the other two it’s still an impressive structure and the pride of the locals who come to visit it is worth the trip in itself. Only downside, tricky angle to avoid the double chin situation in a selfie.


5. Gandi’s Memorial in the Raj Ghat

All in all not the most visually impressive memorial, however, as such an important part of Indian independence from the British it really is a must see. While we were there we think half the schools in India were on a trip to the tomb too, but again, what’s better than experiencing it with the locals?


6. Chit-Chat with Locals

The locals we met were some of the kindest and warmest people we have met while travelling. They are extremely proud of their culture and loved nothing more than having a good old chin wag. We felt welcome and comfortable everywhere we went (except the train station gate, read; The India Series: Day One Obstacles in Delhi for that beauty). Every Must See in this post were bursting with locals, out numbering the foreign tourist 1:100, and the BEST part of the experience was learning about their culture and swapping stories, because that’s why you’re really there, right?


7. Day Trip to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

If you didn’t see the Taj Mahal did you even really go to India? We were BLOWN AWAY by the Taj Mahal, it really is a stunning building. With all the different coloured stones carved into the building the craftsmanship is seamless and you can’t help but walk around stroking the smooth marble looking like you’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Go though, if you choose to ignore everything else on this post, there is a reason it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Stay tuned, more to come on Agra and the Taj Mahal


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